Jump-Start Profit Tip of the Week: The Education of the Accidental Manager!

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Supervisor2 The majority of business owners are what I call accidental managers who have no formal training in managing employees. In fact managing employees if often very far from the business owners’ mind when they started their business. Unfortunately for them, being able to effectively manage employees is a vital skill that they must develop if they ever want to grow their business. While sales and marketing skills are important in order to get customers; having well trained, qualified and motivated employees is the key to good customer service that keeps your customers coming back time and time again.

Mastering the following areas is vital to proper employee management and I will explore them in detail in future posts:

  • Setting goals and job descriptions before the employee is hired.
  • Creating a good hiring system.
  • Proper training.
  • Good delegation.
  • Management by weekly meetings and by walking around.
  • Catching your employees doing something right.
  • Learning to manage systems not people.
  • Concentrate on cross training.
  • Growing talent from within.
  • Establishing a proper compensation system.

Two books I would start with are The One Minute Manager by Ken Blanchard and The EMyth Manager by Michael E. Gerber. Both of these are good places to start in fine tuning your management skills

Thank you for your continued support and let's make this year our most profitable year ever!