Improving the Profit Formula Part 2 – a 10% Increase in Converting Leads Into Customers

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  • Make a list of what your ideal customers really want when they buy from you. What hassles are they trying to avoid or alleviate?  What satisfaction are they trying to acquire?  Make sure your sales staff knows how to approach your customers.
  • Educated prospects become customers more often, and educated customers buy more. Use your blog, product videos, resource centers, e-books, and other items to keep them informed.
  • Create a "lead magnet" that will entice your perfect prospect to request additional information about your products and services.
  • Make it easy for your customers to buy from you. Review all of your sales procedures and eliminate all of your sales killers.  What's a sales killer?  It’s anything that makes it harder for your prospect to buy from you.
  • Train your sales staff regularly. Well-trained employees sell more.
  • Provide scripts to ensure that the company gives a consistent message to all prospects. The scripts should include a list of powerful questions designed to identify the prospects' needs and to invoke emotions.
  • Use product videos to introduce products and demonstrate how they will fulfill a prospect's needs better than any other option.
  • Make it easy for your customers to pay. Mobile devices and applications have made it exceedingly easy for the small business owner to accept payments.
  • Manage your prospect's expectations before, during, and after the sale. More customers change providers because they felt they did not receive something that they thought they should have.  Review all of your marketing activities and prospect interactions to be sure you are delivering on your promises, both stated and implied.
  • Reverse the risk by offering a solid guarantee.
  • Provide social proof with testimonials, Facebook likes, LinkedIn endorsements, and media articles. Social proof is important because prospects are taught to distrust advertising but are much more willing to believe what others say about you.