How Video Marketing Can Improve Lead Conversion

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Videographer-698667_1920If you think that video marketing isn’t an important part to growing your online presence, think again. According to recent studies, 85% of Internet users in the US watch online videos on a regular basis, including 4.3 billion online video ads. While we tend to skip past ads on television, when it comes to online videos, we can’t seem to get enough.

With the number of video views, it’s no wonder that these can help convert leads for any company and any niche – as long as it’s done correctly. Having videos available on your site has proven to keep visitors longer. Not only does it increase lead conversion but also increases time spent on your site.

Video gives your customers and prospects a unique experience that no other medium can offer. It is more than just words or pictures. Video allows your customers to know they are dealing with a real person – you give them a live person to listen to and relate with. This relationship builder can mean the difference between a completed sale or not.

It’s not a matter of IF you’re going to use video to convert leads, it’s when. There is no media that “doesn’t work.” It’s a process and every campaign is an opportunity to learn and improve your efforts.