How to live positively—and with passion

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Smile-2015632_1920To get the most out of life, you’ll want to live with genuine passion and be a positive influence on as many people as possible. By incorporating the following practices you’ll be on your way to living the kind of life you want: 

  • Visualize a clear picture of yourself, others and the world. Who are you, and what are you doing here? What is it that you want to accomplish with your time? 
  • Discover your true gifts and use them. You were born with your own set of strengths and gifts—and you’ve probably developed some over time, as well. Recognizing and using your gifts will bring positive outcomes to your life. 
  • Follow your own honor code. When you violate your own code of ethics, you’ll know. You’ll feel that nagging feeling. This will hinder your success in all walks of life. But when you operate within your own moral code, success will come easily to you. 
  • Always be inclusive and compassionate. Try to recognize the value of each person who comes into your life. Be one of the people in the world who can recognize and harness another’s potential. 
  • Set goals and develop a plan for reaching them. You have to know where you’re going before you can figure out how to get there. Commit to goals that will get you what you want. 
  • Be positive. People will be attracted to your attitude, and before you know it you will be surrounded by other positive people—and life will be good. 
  • Become a better communicator. Learn how to communicate your visions and goals to others. And pay attention to what others tell you, verbally and in all the ways people choose to communicate. 
  • Motivate those around you. Making other people great will improve the energy that surrounds you in life. It will help move you toward your goals. 
  • Fess up when it comes to failures and weaknesses. Try to communicate to others that failing is an important part of life and learning. Try to live your life conscious of the fact that success arises out of learning from failure. 
  • Commit to education and self-improvement. Be receptive—always. When you stop learning and changing, you’re in trouble.