How Mobile Technology Is Increasing Small Business Profits

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Smartphones and tablets are
allowing small business owners to increase sales and improve customer
service.  In fact, mobile solutions are
going a long way toward leveling the playing field between small businesses and
the mega stores.  But too many small
businesses are ignoring mobile technology, one of the best opportunities in
years to increase their sales and profits. 
Here are some thoughts on how mobile tech can benefit you:

Accept mobile payments.  Get paid when you deliver the product, or
upon completion of service.  Nothing
improves cash flow like getting paid at the moment of delivery.

Mobile point-of-sales system.  Imagine your
customers using a tablet to wander your store, view product demonstrations that
emphasize benefits, and allows them to order. 
They can enter their credit card information and complete the checkout
process using the tablet’s camera to scan bar codes.  They can then pick up their order on their
way out of the store or arrange for it to be delivered at a more convenient
time.  This could be a game changer; it
is really that simple to use.

Using mobile phones to verify delivery.  You can schedule and
verify delivery of your product, and provide the customer with an accurate
invoice when you’re done.  This allows
you to coordinate with your customers in a way that best meets their
needs.  Don’t forget to use the GPS
system to track your staff and make sure they aren’t losing time searching for
a delivery location.

Using before and after pictures with customer testimonials.  Imagine a small
contractor who is able to show his prospects pictures of his work with before
and after pictures along with videos of customers saying how easy it was to
work with him and how they love the work he did.

These are just a few examples
that I hope will help you start thinking about how mobile technology can help
you gain a competitive advantage.