Hope For the Best, But Plan For the Worst

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  Plan-763855_1920No business owner or employee goes to work expecting things to go wrong.  Yet no business goes through a year without something going wrong.

The key is to hope and plan for things to work the way you would like.  But don’t forget to plan for Murphy’s law to strike.  Do you have a plan for when things go wrong at exactly the wrong time?

How would your business react if the power is out?  If the phones and the internet stop working?  If a key employee quits?  If you, the owner, couldn’t work for six weeks due to an illness?  If you lost one of your major customers?  The list goes on and on.

Take time in advance to list all of the things that can go wrong in one column on a pad of paper.  Then plan how you would handle the problem in a second column.  When you rehearse for the worst, you can remain calm when everyone else is panicking.