Helping your kid’s sales effort? Use care at work

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Man-1470840_1920When your kids are involved in fundraising—Girl Scout cookies, band candy, raffle tickets, or whatever—chances are you’ll be helping them sell at least some of their merchandise at the office. 

Just be careful not to alienate your co-workers, who probably get more than a few such appeals every year. Here are some tactful ways to sell in the workplace: 

  • Limit your email. Don’t clog up the office email system with dozens and dozens of announcements and reminders. Check with your manager before sending out any messages, and remember that office equipment such as computers and printers are there for business purposes, not personal use. 
  • Don’t inundate the whole workforce. Pick and choose to whom you’ll make a personal appeal. Enlist the support of interested parties and people who’ve been helpful before. 
  • Post flyers sparingly. Pick one central location to post a single flyer or sign-up sheet instead of blanketing every wall. Try the office kitchen, reception area, or employee bulletin boards. 
  • Thank your supporters. After the fundraising drive, buy bagels or doughnuts for everyone in the office. Show them you really appreciate their contribution to your child’s efforts. 
  • Show your own support. If you expect your colleagues to pitch in and help your kids, be willing to do the same for them. Spend a little money on whatever they’re selling to show that you’re a good sport. 
  • Get your child to write thank-you notes. A short note of appreciation to all your co-workers who contributed goes a long way toward building support.