Good accounting won’t make your business, but poor accounting can break it!

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Accurate and timely accounting reports are vital to the success of a business. An accounting  system should allow the business owner to see which customers or products are most profitable for their business. Which customers are overdue, what bills need to be paid, and exactly what your cash balance is at any time can be answered in minutes with a well-maintained accounting system.

You may find accounting confusing, even a bit "scary." If so, you’re not alone. Some accounting terms are used in different ways, and sometimes several words are used to describe the same thing. Too many business owners are convinced they'll never understand accounting and consequently decide that once they hire someone to do it, they won't have to think about accounting ever again. This is a serious mistake, because an understanding of accounting basics
is a necessity for every business owner. These basics are not that difficult to grasp once you realize that accounting is merely a way to collect key information about your business.

Watch the video below to learn why financial statements are important for small business success?


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