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1266_4933637Financial advice can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. All of us want to make sure that we have the best advice to move forward, and here is some sound advice for investors of all ages.

Keep it simple stupid (also known as Kiss)

Adopt the mindset of Apple that has made their technology simple to use and drives all that is done with an Apple phone, out of simplicity, and it drives everything it does.  Use this same mindset with your personal financial planning and keep it simple – KISS.

If it sounds too good to be true, it is…

If someone tells you that they have an investment that is risk-free, a sure thing, and will earn you 10 percent on your money in a short time frame, run – run away fast because if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is and the only thing you are likely to get is poorer.

Stop listening to the media

The media includes printed material, news hours, 24-hour news, magazines, websites and any other form of media that gives you information on finances. They are not designed to help you to make good decisions. They focus on the negative stories, which are often referred to as financial along with the “get rich quick” ideas – they do this because they seem newsworthy. You need to ignore this financial chatter and get your financial information from a reliable source.

Build yourself a cash reserve

It is essential for you to have a cash reserve available because it lets you cope with the ups and downs that occur in life.  You should have a cash reserve that will cover a minimum of three months’ expenditures in addition to funds that you will might have to spend in the next couple of years, such as a deposit on a house or education costs. Building your reserve also reduces your stress during those times when money is not flowing in like it should.