Don’t Listen to TV Finance Shows

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Tv-1529259_1280There are a number of good reasons TV finance shows are not the smartest choice for investment advice. For one thing, the aim of these shows is to get the biggest audience they can in order to sell more advertising, with their financial experts there as much to be entertainers as they are to be smart investment advisors, and they have no accountability whatsoever for the results of their advice. 

TV finance shows also come with a great deal of conflicting information because of the sheer amount of advice and number of tips that such shows give out day after day. Finally, much of the information in these shows amounts to predictions of how industries or stocks will behave over the short term, such as next week, with investments that are made based on such predictions and hot topics often costing investors dearly. 

TV finance shows are fine for entertainment, but for real advice an independent professional financial advisor is the best way to go.