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Time blu 

The Time Blueprint For

the Five Time Categories That Will Help You Work Smarter NOT Harder in
Your Business


by Michelle McCullough 


breaks down the idea of planning your day as an entrepreneur into easy steps
that anyone can follow and use to increase profits.  She starts by explaining why the owner’s time
is the most important asset of any business. 
Her book will help you improve your work/life balance and dramatically
increase your bottom line.


does this by clearly explaining why you need to categorize your time into five
critical areas order to be profitable. 
These categories are creating, marketing, fulfilling, managing, and
learning.  Her book may contain little
that is really new, but her presentation makes it easy for the reader to
understand and implement the changes that stop so many business owners from
really growing a profitable business.


Be sure to check out our interview with her in this issue.  It is definitely one of the best interviews
we have ever had in our magazine.