Build The Perfect Profit Machine! – Part 3

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Systems Are the Key to Financial Success

Remember what I said earlier?  Fundamentally, every business is a system:  a set of processes that, working together, reliably produce an intended result.  The key to financial success is to focus on improving your business systems.  The more you do so, the better the results you will get.  It’s that simple.

Most people think systems are boring, and once I start talking about them, their eyes glaze over.  The smart business owners understand that when you improve your systems:

  • You make more money with less work
  • You have more time and energy to focus on the work that matters most
  • You make far fewer errors
  • You quickly and permanently fix the mistakes that do happen
  • You are calmer and more in control


The key point to remember is that the system runs the business.  The people run the system.  The system becomes the solution to the problem that affects all businesses—how to deliver a quality product or service to the customer every single time.


Now that you understand the importance of systems, get to work on building your profit machine. 


(Next steps are to watch the video below where I visualize for you what was discussed in this article.  To get into systems in even more detail read and study the following books:

-       The E-Myth Revisited:  Why Most Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It by Michael E. Gerber (March 3, 1995)

-       Work the System:  The Simple Mechanics of Making More and Working Less by Sam Carpenter ( October 1, 2011)