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seems to be touting cloud computing these days, and for good reasons.  Cloud computing lets you
Cloud work from anywhere
and on any device.  It also allows you to
work with outsourced employees or employees who may be out in the field
(technicians and outside salesmen).  It
also allows you to share files with customers and vendors.


of my favorites are:


Right Networks

should seriously consider Right Networks if you use QuickBooks or Peachtree and
have multiple locations, want to share data with your accountant, or just want
to have access to your records anywhere, any time.


have been using it for years with clients whose accounting we do, and have had
no serious issues.  Their support for
QuickBooks is far better and more responsive then Intuit’s.  And it’s free!



words “Your stuff, anywhere” are the first words you see when you go to their
website.  And that is a simple
description of what Dropbox is—a hard drive in the cloud.  It is a great place to securely store files,
pictures, music, and whatever else you normally store on your hard drive.


of the best advantages of Dropbox is the ability to securely share files.  Better yet—you can control who sees what