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IRS requires that business owners keep mountains of paperwork to prove our
deductions.  One of the hardest things
for business owners to do is keep copies of all the receipts we accumulate
throughout our busy day and give them to bookkeeping.  This causes us to end up paying more in
income taxes since we have lost the receipts that support our deductions.


allows you to snap an image of the receipt (or business card or brochure or
book excerpt) with your smartphone and send it to yourself.  You could also send it directly to your
bookkeeper to hold onto until you need it.


personally use my iPhone to snap pictures of important receipts.  Then I simply adjust the margins and then
save them in a folder I created in my DropBox. 
I now have it available any time I need it.  The whole process probably takes me less than
30 seconds, but could help me save a lot of money.


is a great replacement for a travel scanner, and it’s something you are much
more likely to use.  At $1.99, you just
can’t beat the price.