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a CPA, I know the importance of tracking my business mileage.  The problem is that I had never found a
system convenient enough for me to keep the required records.


MileIQ, which is an app for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod.  It is an easy way of tracking, classifying,
and submitting your business miles.  The
MileIQ app catches your drives automatically and syncs them to the cloud, where
you can add detail, run reports, and print out records.


can download the app and try the free 40 drives per month plan to see how easy
it is to track.  After that it costs you
just $5.99 per month.  This is a very
small price when you compare it to the cost of losing your auto deductions
because you didn’t keep a log.


is so easy to use that you will finally have the peace of mind that you are
writing off all your deductible auto mileage without any hassle.  Your wallet (and your accountant) will love