Are Your Customers Getting the Service They Deserve?

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Paper-946926_1280All of your marketing will be wasted if the receptionist has a bad attitude, your staff is not properly trained, and you don’t have systems in place to ensure that the customer’s needs are being met and exceeded.

Management consultant and speaker Tony Alessandra in The Platinum Rule describes the range of service encounters this way:

  • Moments of Magic: Positive experiences that make customers glad they do business with you.
  • Moments of Misery: Negative experiences that irritate, frustrate, or annoy.
  • Moments of Mediocrity: Routine, uninspiring service; forgettable service.

The second and third seem to be the norm today. Moments of Magic are so rare that they make news and turn those businesses customers into raving fans who quickly spread the word through social media.

What first impression are you making? If you don’t know – shouldn’t you?

If your customers are not having Moments of Magic when they buy from you – why not?


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