5 Ways to Increase Year-End Profits

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ProfitsAre your sales and profits for this year lower than you expected?  There is still time for you to close strong.

Here are five ways to finish this year on a high note.

  1. Have a contest.  The ability to win a prize creates excitement among your customers and your staff.  The key is that the prizes should be large enough to create the excitement you want.  Be creative and be sure to publicize it
  2.      Hold an employee event.  Often your problem is that your employees are losing their motivation during the long summer months.  Kick off the fourth quarter with a fun internal event or contest.  Consider both a non-business event and a business-related event.
  3.      Launch a new campaign.  Business is always out there.  It isn’t a matter of if there are customers, but rather how you will get them.  Launching a new campaign gives your staff new direction and can excite your customer base.
  4.     Introduce a new product or service.  A failure to reach your profit and sales goals often indicates a gap in what the market wants and what you are offering.  Brainstorm with your staff and look for ideas with a high return on investment that can be implemented easily.
  5.      Jump start your marketing.  Sometimes the problem is that you have become complacent.  Now might be the time to jump start your sales and marketing.  Check out our Sales and Marketing Boot Camp at www.freeisbstrategies.com for a very affordable course designed to rapidly increase your sales.