5 Tips For First Time Investors

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Piggy-bank-968302_1920Young people that have some disposable income left after expenses may want to start dabbling in investments. You don’t have to invest a lot and with the help of top financial advisors you can learn the markets and the best investment strategies, allowing even a small monthly addition to your account to have maximum time to make you money.

When you are going to start investing keep in mind:

• This is a long term money making strategy and not a short term make money quick scheme. If watching the markets rise and fall bothers you talk to your advisor and choose low risk investments that are relatively stable.

• The higher the risk the greater the volatility but the greater the reward. If you are going to try some high risk investments use only a small portion of your total investment portfolio and listen to your advisor carefully as to when to buy and when to sell.

• Talk to your financial advisor about the tax benefits of investing in different options. This can actually be like double dipping as you will save money initially while also earning money for your future.

• Diversifying your investment portfolio is a sure way to protect against losses and crashes in a specific sector of the investment market. Most financial advisors will recommend that the portion you have in your various accounts change as you age and you have different comfort levels with risk in your life.

• Make sure you are active in researching the market and the investments. Your financial advisor can be a great resource, but knowing what questions to ask about how an investment will help your long term investment goals is also important.

As a first time investor choosing a professional, informed and experienced financial advisor is also a very important consideration. You want someone that you trust and that has a proven record of helping people achieve their financial goals for life.