5 Changes to Make for a Better Work Life Balance

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Girl-2510880_1280Work life balance can be a bit of a challenge. But here are 5 things that can help you to do better.

  1. Find a New Career. Some careers are more stressful and time-consuming than other career. If you find you need more time for family or yourself consider exploring a different career that is more flexible and less stressful.
  1. Negotiate Changes With Your Existing Employer. Smart employers recognize the value of having good employees and are often willing to find ways to make changes to your employment to make short-term or even permanent changes if necessary. This might include dropping to part time, flextime job, or even working from home part of the time. Your first step is to research your employer’s policies and methods of handling previous requests. Approach your boss with a plan that shows how you can even be more productive or valuable if you can modify your current work situation.
  1. Take Time to Smell the Roses. Life is short so don’t let it pass you by – slow down. Take steps so that you can enjoy what’s going on around you. Schedule more time between meetings; don’t make plans for every evening or weekend and find some ways to distance yourself from the things that are causing you the most stress.
  1. Find a New Job. Instead of changing careers you might just need to take a less stressful job within your career. This might require you to work with your current employer to determine a new position that might be right for you or it might involve becoming a freelancer.
  1. Learn to Manage Your Time Better. For many the stress they feel is a result of being disorganized and putting things off or procrastinating. Practice setting realistic goals and deadlines. Then you need to learn how to stick to those deadlines. As a result you will be less stressed.