Why the Change to the Profit Maximizer?

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You likely have heard the saying “Sales is for vanity, profit is for sanity, and cash is king!  This highlights the main reason for the change.

Too many business owners fixate on their company sales.  When I ask them how business is doing, the common answer I hear is, “Great, sales are up 20%.”  I never hear, “Great, profits are up 20%.”  And therein lies the problem!

We business owners instinctively understand that without sales, we don’t have a business; we have a hobby.  So we create a business machine which concentrates all its energies on increasing sales.

Heck, the accounting formula I was taught in college (Sales – Expenses = Profits) starts with sales!  So that is what we focus on.  Profit is what is left over after everything is paid.  Many business owners don’t even know if they made a profit until I prepare their tax return at the end of the year.

Dan Kennedy states “every business at its core is a sales and marketing business”.  I love Dan Kennedy’s books, but I must amend that just a little by restating it as every business at its core is a profitable sales and marketing business.

So why did we change the name of our blog to the Profit Maximizer?  Because at the end of the day profit, not sales, is the only thing that counts in business.

Look to future blog posts where we dig deeper into why you, as the business owner, must put 100% of your efforts into maximizing your business profits.

Until then, let’s continue to make this our most profitable year ever!